An outrageous case was reported by the German police. In all this whirlwind of snow, a Porsche Panamera was stuck on the A2 motorway. Its repeated attempts to free himself from the snow were futile, so the police soon showed up at the scene. Police were shocked to find that the Porsche had summer tires on the rear axle and winter tires on the front axle.

The Porsche driver said he can't afford to buy winter tires for both axles!

Police imposed a restraining order on his car and called an evacuation service to pick up his car from there. The driver was subsequently fined a hefty administrative fine and was forced to pay for evacuation services.

The German police wanted to make this case public, being less diplomatic than usual and directly accusing the young man of irresponsibility and ... calling his act stupid. The police mentioned that if he has financial problems, he should keep his Porsche in the garage so as not to endanger the lives of other people.

If his act is led to the cause of an accident, the consequences would have been much more severe for the Porsche driver.


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