Here are 5 simple tips to make a genius meal plan.

#1. Plan Your Meals

I know it sounds like a cumbersome process, but trust me, this is one of the efficient ways to plan your meals. Sit down and grab a pen and start making a recipes list for the week. Journalise your days for the week.

#2. Keep Your Favourite Recipes Organized

Keep your recipes catalogue organized as it makes meal planning much easier and quicker. One of the ways is to organize it through Pinterest. Collect all your favourite websites and organize them into categories on Pinterest, so that whenever you sit down to plan your meal for the week, you can just pull up the board and get it started.

#3. Have New Recipes Delivered

It’s important to have a fresh source of inspiration as it will help you explore some new ideas. Repetitive recipes aren’t that great! It’s important to dig into some new recipes which you can do with help of Pinterest. It’s a great platform to find new recipes. You can create a new board and categorize the recipes accordingly.

#4. Make Extra Food to Freeze

Whenever you cook something that freezes well, try to make it a double or triple batch, to preserve the extras in the freezer. If the other day, you're sluggish, you can get the frozen out, heat it in the oven and can enjoy the meal!

#5. Enjoy the Leftovers

Generally, we don’t love to have repetitive meals, multiple times in a row. But try once putting all the leftovers inside the fridge in a container instead of a big bowl.

The Takeaway

I hope with these tips, you can plan your meal effectively.

What’s your favourite meal tip? Tell us in the comment section below!

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