The Automobile Club de l'Ouest (A.C.O) informed of a new, high-level endurance racing category, which several automobile manufacturers, including Peugeot, had been anticipating. The French triple Le Mans champion in 1992, 1993, and 2009 drew interest with the unveiling of the Peugeot 9X8 HYBRID Hypercar prototype. Peugeot is back in the limelight with this new class of cars, aiming at a broader audience and including elements that recall the brand's traditional design, as it was in 1990 with the Peugeot 905 model and 2006 with the Peugeot 908.

Lorige's first model, the BL-Endurance, took more than two years to create, including test phases to ensure the dependability of the in-house caliber LOR-PR01 and carbon recycling. Similarly, Peugeot began the testing phase for the Peugeot 9X8 this winter, which is expected to continue a few months. Lorige is best known for its watch casings constructed from race car brakes. The BL-Endurance "Hyperblack" uses brake pads from the initial development phase of the Peugeot Hypercar. This implies that Lorige owners may now possess a piece of the Peugeot 9X8 tested on this car before its debut race.

"The Lorige idea instantly appealed to us since we share the same goal of precise mechanical engineering," says Olivier Jansonnie, Technical Director of Peugeot Sport. Nowadays, recycling is the buzzword, and we are delighted about the prospect of reusing Peugeot 9X8 parts. Furthermore, if a contemporary concept can be blended with the design and quality of Lorige watches, then this collaboration is ideal."

The Lorige BL-Endurance "Hyperblack," like the new Peugeot Sport Hypercar, is now undergoing testing. Racing vehicles are often constructed with few decorative embellishments, enabling the clean carbon body lines to stand out. This also applies to the BL-Endurance "Hyperblack," which has raw carbon and black DLC-coated titanium pieces for a distinct and strong look. To create the intended monochromatic aesthetic, all parts have been bead blasted and blackened, from the grade 5 titanium frame to the exposed screws. The black motif is accented with Kryptonite and Selenium Gray accents to enhance the Peugeot Sport aesthetic identity. The color scheme results in an understated timepiece.

"This relationship is the embodiment of the Lorige philosophy," says Emeric Paraud, CEO of Lorige. We wanted our "Hyperblack" series to be current from idea to exterior design. I believe we have accomplished this with a watch that represents the race car's unique feline look. This collaboration with Peugeot Sport is more than simply an inspiration: it is true endurance racing watchmaking at its best."

The origin of the carbon case is readily visible on the left side of the case: it was produced from Peugeot 9X8 brake pads. Wearers are reminded that the central point was previously subjected to the hypercar pilot's rigorous braking, which stretched his vehicle to its limits. Lorige meticulously disassembles the brake pads and provides all of the essential information for material tracing. They are then given to the artisans who build the BL-Endurance "Hyperblack" casings for processing.

The energy reserve indication and model name are visible at the bottom of the clock, reminding us that this model is from endurance racing. The BL-Endurance is self-winding using a revolving rotor, and owners can see how much energy is left in reserve after 45 hours. Because Lorige is an uncompromising brand, almost all parts of the BL-Endurance "Hyperblack," from the bridges to the hands, are black PVD-coated, posing a new challenge for the Lorige watchmakers, who are subjected to an increasingly rigorous component selection and dedicated to the precision of the assembly process.

Lorige opted to manufacture all pieces of the movement in Switzerland to take their concept to the next level. Lorige commissioned one of the greatest Swiss producers to create an individual Lorige model for the campaign, which is unusual when developing a new model. Each component of the LOR-PR03 model is created in Switzerland, and it is constructed and adjusted fully by hand by professional artisans following the Swiss watchmaking tradition. Lorige opts for unrivaled quality by purchasing a watch entirely produced in Switzerland.

The BL-Endurance is unmistakably a fan's watch, down to the smallest visible screw. However, while the dial's hands resemble racetrack markings, the racing nods are not overpowering. Instead, the recollections of racetracks are ingrained in the model's casing material.

"The essence of Lorige, for us, resides in the tales and feelings that we express to our consumers via our remarkable models, which many individuals have contributed to making," says Clément Etienvre, General Manager of Lorige. I am now in my forties, and the distinct sound of the Peugeot 905's engine inspired my interest in motorsport. Being a member of Peugeot Sport's return to endurance racing from the beginning is a part of this beautiful experience, and it is in Lorige's DNA."

"'BL' stands for 'Brake Late,' and it serves as a reminder that when it comes to winning a race, braking skill is equally as crucial as acceleration." "It represents the exhilaration of racing, and its harsh appearance reminds us of motorsport's merciless nature," explains Clément Etienvre.


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