The Skoda Superb has so many possibilities that it is simply unrealistic to fit everything into one story! We have selected the top 10 technologies and options that impressed us the most. The first impression is design. Skoda SUPERB greets with pride and dignity as a hereditary aristocrat. In a strict business suit, fitted perfectly to the figure. It is immediately apparent why many people choose this particular model for business travel.

Skoda SUPERB externally stands out with a larger radiator grille and a modified bumper with little fog lamps. For this model, only LED headlights are offered - standard or optionally matrix. There is no need to switch from low beam to high beam with a matrix: the system itself assesses the situation. Where possible, intelligent optics shine far away, do not blind, shade, or add light in the desired direction. It also monitors the steering wheel turns and can adapt to the driving mode and weather conditions.

Inside, Skoda Superb turned out to be surprisingly spacious - what is needed for a large family with children, a good-natured Labrador, and a bunch of suitcases. And to defuse a severe mood, we were helped by the background LED lighting in the cabin and the German Canton audio system (12 speakers, including a compact subwoofer in the luggage compartment).

By the way, about the suitcases. When we talk about a large luggage compartment, this is not an exaggeration. The trunk size of the Skoda SUPERB liftback is 584 liters! Yes, displacement is an important indicator. Still, it's also about space availability. When the fifth door rises with the glass, you can not just pack many things but place an oversized load and use every centimeter as efficiently as possible. And it is certainly no problem to load skis or equipment for shooting interviews on the trip. Everything is thought out: from hooks to a flashlight on a magnet. The luggage compartment can be increased by folding the rear seat backrests. Although much more!

There are four engine options available for the Skoda Superb. 1.4 TSI (150 hp) with a mechanical 6-speed and automatic (robotic) 7-speed DSG. 2.0 TSI motors are supplied with 6- and 7-speed robotic, automatic machines only. 2.0 TSI is presented in three variants - 190 hp. s., 220 l. s., 280 l. Our test drive version is 190 hp. Consumption is no more than 9.3 liters; it can drop up to 5 liters on the highway. We were told that the driver went to Minsk in a brand new ŠKODA SUPERB in the summer. And the way back to Petrozavodsk - 1260 km - drove on one tank of gasoline!

Will help out just at such a long distance. The system helps keep the car in the selected lane even in the dark. In this case, the driver's actions, of course, remain a priority. Like other similar technologies for SUPERB, this assistant can be completely disabled at any time.

The car monitors the clarity of the driver's reaction: the fatigue sensor will show a warning cup of coffee on the dashboard if you need to stop and rest. It will come in handy on a long journey. And the Front Assist system helped already during the test drive in the stream of cars; it even protects against the risk of a collision with the one driving in front. If you do not respond to the signal, braking is activated - up to a complete stop.

Skoda SUPERB earned the highest score in independent crash tests Euro NCAP - a good indicator of the level of safety for drivers and passengers. From the Traffic Jam Assist to the Parking Assistant, numerous assistants are designed to minimize road accidents. There is even an emergency call button 112 on the cabin ceiling: an autonomous satellite system will transmit the car's coordinates.

With it, you can drive tens of kilometers along the highway without touching the brake and gas pedals. The car itself will accelerate within the set limit.

We immediately noticed the indicators on the side mirrors. They lit up if an obstacle appeared in the blind spot on the right or left. The area that is not visible from the driver's seat is monitored by radars installed on the car's rear.

Allows you to change the stiffness of the suspension depending on road conditions and your mood. Choosing a driving mode is a real adventure. For example, in Eco mode, Skoda Superb drives meditatively at low revs and saves fuel. "Sport" turns the car into a clamped spring - the acceleration is breathtaking! And "Comfort" makes the movement so smooth and soft as if you are traveling in a cozy blanket. We liked this regime most of all.

If you perceive the car as a second home, then you need to settle down with convenience. Skoda SUPERB is filled with many valuable and practical little things for any occasion. For example, there are three ISOFIX attachments for child seats at once. In addition, you can attach the chair to where it is convenient for you to look after your baby.

There is a protective cover on the back seat for the good-natured Labrador - not a hair in the cabin! A seat belt is also provided for dogs.

While recording the story about the Skoda SUPERB, we managed to land the smartphone. So the contactless charging platform came in handy. Phone Box also improves the signal quality during hands-free calls and reduces the harmful electromagnetic background in the passenger compartment. @via


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