The Skoda Vision 7S concept foreshadows the Czech brand's stylistic approach soon. We're glad they got rid of the "shiny front grill as usual," which was out of date and had rebellious roots. However, the technical platform seems to be the same MEB as the VW group, but with improvements.

Of course, the Skoda Vision 7S features an SUV design, 22-inch wheels, and a giant touchscreen with a diagonal of 14.6 inches mounted vertically in the center console. A child seat is integrated into the extension of the console between the seats towards the second row of seats, which is regarded as the safest location in a car's passenger compartment.

Examining the Skoda Vision 7S concept dashboard, we find that Skoda appears to be the first manufacturer to express an ambition to adopt Peugeot's driving posture, in which the instrument panel (diagonal 8.8 inches) is viewed above a small steering wheel. Furthermore, the Czech steering wheel is not precisely spherical, with two spokes situated at 12 o'clock and 6 o'clock. Furthermore, it may be argued that the motif of the multi-functional steering wheel was not overemphasized. Or is it hard to use only two switches at 3 p.m. and 9 p.m. to get to different functions?

We can also tell you that the Skoda Vision 7S is an electric car with an 89 kWh battery pack. Only the Czechs know how it manages to traverse a WLTP range of 600 kilometers.

We also reach the design stage. The new front area aesthetic configuration was dubbed Tech Deck Face. You might not notice the matte Explorer Green color that the Vision 7S electric SUV is painted in because you're already used to seeing cars painted in a matte hue, but this is the first Skoda automobile with matte paint. The designers provided seven vertical holes in the enormous front shield to accentuate the Skoda Vision 7S's SUV identity. Is there an issue, Jeep? As far as we recall, Jeep and SsangYong fought over the seven slots (a standard feature of the American brand), which also appeared on the first generation, Korando.

Do you have a "déjà vu" concerning this work with another Eastern European firm regarding total brand image renewal and adopting a new logo? With a simple orientation title, we remind you that Dacia Bigster's release date is also approaching.


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