Torino City Marathon, a 42-kilometer marathon in the subalpine capital, will begin in less than a month. Jeep is the event's major sponsor because it embodies the spirit of discovery and pushes boundaries wherever possible. Official Torino City Marathon and Torino City Run technical t-shirts feature the Jeep brand logo. Team Marathon and Torino Road Runners have chosen the city's iconic landmark, the Mole Antonelliana, to stand out against the event's monochromatic backdrop. Blue and yellow were picked for the 42-kilometer race, while white and fuchsia were selected for the 10-kilometer race.

Together, Torino Road Runners ASD, Team Marathon, and the maker of the world's most decorated SUV lineup share a set of core values, including the indomitable spirit and unyielding determination that motivate every runner. On November 6th, marathon runners will take on a never-before-seen course that begins and ends in the city's grand Piazza Castello. That same morning, shorter distance runners and walkers will have the opportunity to express themselves through the Torino City Run, a 10 km race open to both competitive and recreational participants.

"It is an honor to serve as a Major Sponsor for this event. Jeep is the closest brand to the world of endurance and marathon sports; our SUVs are well-known around the globe for the same reason that runners are revered: they have proven, for more than eight decades, that they can conquer any obstacle while maintaining the highest level of safety and providing the most enjoyable experience possible.

In addition, we are thrilled to be able to support cancer research alongside Team Marathon, which is once again partnering with the Piedmontese Foundation for cancer research: 8 euros of each registration to the Torino City Run will be donated to the Foundation, which is a significant contribution to the fight against all cancers. Turin is our home turf, and the brand's commitment to zero-emission freedom means that our lineup of Jeep 4xe Plug-In Hybrid SUVs—the best-selling sustainable cars in Italy—can now be driven about the city in electric mode with confidence, both in the city's center and in the roughest off-road terrain."

Team Marathon is a premier amateur sports group in the Piedmont region, having organized dozens of road-running competitions over the past decade. Thousands of athletes, from professionals who fight to improve their records to enthusiasts who decide to spend a day dedicated to wellness in the open air with company friends or family, participate in the many sporting activities that Team Marathon organizes in Turin every year. Team Marathon events allow runners to compete against one another through scenic and tough courses in the beautiful city of Turin and its neighboring communities.

In 2019, a group of friends with love for running formed a Torino Road Runners ASD team to make running accessible to everyone who wants to try it regardless of age, goals, or aspirations. The running club currently boasts around 300 members, steadily expanding. The club caters to its athletes by providing them with registration assistance for local, regional, and national events and year-round running courses taught by experienced technicians.


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