The Dezl LGV navigation device series from Garmin has been a reliable companion for professional drivers for years. With the models dēzl LGV610, LGV710, LGV810, and LGV1010, a revised product series with a refined range of functions is now available. This includes, among other things, arrival planning with satellite images to quickly find truck entrances, loading bays, security gates, and truck parking spaces using high-resolution aerial photos of the destination. The new interface of the 6, 7, 8, and 10-inch navigators has become even more intuitive, while the 8-inch and 10-inch models add a split-screen view to get an overview of the remaining route and upcoming weather conditions alongside the active map screen.

Truck drivers have vehicle-specific route guidance based on dimensions, weight, hazardous goods class, and more, warning of bridge heights, weight restrictions, sharp bends, or steep gradients. Emission standards are also considered when calculating the route, and information about environmental zones along the route is given. And the comprehensive route planning now enables breaks to be planned to define refueling stops, driving breaks, and overnight accommodations for the entire route.

Data from Truck Parking Europe helps with the search for suitable truck parking spaces, whereby the current occupancy can also be displayed directly via the Dezl app on a compatible smartphone. Other real-time services via the app include live traffic information, weather data, and fuel prices from gas stations in the area. The smartphone's notifications and incoming calls are displayed via smart notifications. For more safety on the road, the Dezl LGV navigation devices have individually configurable Garmin driver assistance, Garmin voice assistant, and Bluetooth hands-free function. And if the vehicle cannot be found directly, the last position of the navigation device can be called up via the Dezl app.

Truckers can use their new Dezl LGV with various compatible Garmin products and services to further enhance and simplify their driving experience. These include the new Dezl 100 and 200 headsets with up to 50 hours of Bluetooth talk time and active noise cancellation for speaker and microphone, the Instinct 2 - Dezl Edition trucker smartwatch for all-day health tracking, workouts for breaks with exercise guidance via the Dezl app, break timer and more - and for extra prudence, they connect the navigation system to the new BC 50 and BC 50 Night Vision reversing cameras.


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