Laptops are great because they allow for maximum portability and efficiency when it comes to most things technology. However, it can get a little frustrating depending on the model you have, how old it is, and how often you use it.

Overheating is a huge issue that lots of people struggle with when using laptops. Consequently, laptop cooling pads were invented to tackle performance issues and overall functionality. But the real question is: does anybody really need a laptop cooling pad?

Think about it this way: can your laptop handle all of the applications and tasks you force it to run? What if you just want to save the money you would’ve spent on a brand-new laptop with higher specifications?

Laptop cooling pads can be affordable and useful temporary solutions. On the other hand, we found that it’s not worth it to spend money on one more expensive than around $20. These cooling pads have the capacity to improve performance and lower internal temperatures, but the effects aren’t too drastic to need a splurge.

Now, what if your current laptop comes with zero fans or an efficient cooling system? You might want to look into cooling pads such as this Kootek Cooler Pad Chill Mat. Not only does it come with 5 quiet fans with LED lights, but it also includes 2 USB 2.0 ports and an adjustable laptop mount.

Overall, this product is worth it if you must work long hours in front of a weak-performing device. Not only does it have the capacity to efficiently cool your laptop, but it can also raise it to be of optimal viewing and working distance to your sitting position. Laptops can be difficult to work with because you could be constantly craning your neck to meet the distance of your laptop on a desk. This cooling pad’s cool mount feature will surely relieve most of the issues that come from this.

Additionally, because this cooling pad is listed at only $19.99, it may as well be a good investment to your current laptop, as it could increase its usability over a long period of time.

Lastly, if your laptop doesn’t feature as many USB ports as you may need, you can rely on the multifunctionality of this product. It features 2 USB 2.0 ports that allow you to connect multiple devices. 

Alternatively, let’s say your device is one of the best around, equipped with some of the highest-level specifications to date. You’ve already invested a fortune into this laptop and you’re looking for an expensive cooling pad on top of that. Do you really need one?

As an example, let’s look at the Asus Rog Strix G. This product is listed at just under $1,100 and it is equipped with a 9th Gen Intel Core i7 processor, NVIDIA GTX 1650 graphics, 16 GB of RAM, and the Rog intelligent thermal cooling system with dual fans and adjustable fan modes. 

To splurge on this laptop alone means that you would no longer need to buy an additional cooling pad, as many laptops such as this one nowadays is good for long-term investments. 

This gaming laptop has the capacity to run some of the newest and highest quality games, but this isn’t all. Because gaming laptops are so powerful in graphics performance and multifunctionality, you can double these devices up for work and everything related to digital content creation. 

You will be able to run applications smoothly, and you would only need to pay that one-time fee to access all this laptop’s wonderful features. What’s the point in getting a laptop cooling pad then?

Still not convinced. Look at this Thermaltake RGB Laptop Notebook Cooling Pad. All around, this is an impressive product in both visuals and functionality. However, it’s listed on Amazon at $46.99. Not only does this surpass the recommended $20 budget for cooling pads, but it also doesn’t have the capacity to drastically improve your current laptop’s performance.

The fact of the matter is, you’re looking for a laptop cooling pad because your current laptop seems to overheat easily and lacks in performance because of this. Therefore, your solution should be to look for an affordable option or invest in a more reliable laptop with higher specifications. It’s simply not worth it to splurge on just a laptop cooling pad because it won’t fix everything you need. 


If you still feel like you need a laptop cooling pad, do some research first. Plan out your budget accordingly, and spend time reading the reviews. Chances are, you probably don’t need a cooling pad. You just need to invest in a new and significantly stronger laptop device. The long-term benefits that come with this investment are unbeatable, and you won’t have to worry about performance issues that take time out of your day-to-day productivity.


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