Beats by Dre are the most sought out headphones in the history of music. This prominent audio brand has been bursting through the scene since 2008 and has made a name for itself with their basic uniqueness and their stylish designs. The style has been their perfect characteristic since the beginning, but we wonder if this all there is to it. Are headphones only worth it because of how cool the design is? Will the Beats provide as much as good looks as great sound? Let’s find out.

The history of the headphones

Beats was co-founded by hip-hop legend Dr. Dre and the music producer Jimmy Lovine. The professionals in the industry of music had one reason to do so, as they were tired and sick of having low-quality sound delivered by the cheap earbuds of the iPods and MP3s. They wanted to revolutionize the industry by creating a brand of headphones that would provide the best sound quality and a cool personality. So they embarked on a journey that would end up with the creation of Beats, making them prominent players in the industry.

Who is Dr. Dre?

With the rise of new artists, we can forget who Dr. Dre is and his impact on the music industry. He started as one of the key members of the iconic hip-hop group, N.W.A, he was part of the legacy that changed and revolutionized hip-hop forever. Their songs were infused with social commentary and brutal honesty, and the rawness of it all made them lethal. With hits like “F**k That Police” and “Express Yourself” they made an outbreak by speaking up against subjects like police brutality, racial profiling, and the harsh realities of their lives. All through the power of music.

Dr. Dre became an image of what, in more local terms, you would call, a badass. This became his trademark, the aura of rebellion and defiance and this made him sore high into the music industry.

Does the brand share the same favor?

While Dr. Dre is a renowned artist and a highly praised one too, his Beats haven’t had the same fortune. Let’s dive into what others have had to say.


  1. Overpricing

The most common problem with Beats is its overly priced products. For example, a wireless headphone can go up to 300 dollars. Companies like Bolt and Gizmodo have dwelled into these findings to see the similarities between the normal headphone and the Beats, and some have found that they can be estimated for an actual value of $20. In total, that would be 10 times more for the production cost.

  1. A lot of bass

It’s kind of obvious this would happen considering this is the child creation of Dr. Dre, a major hip hop artist who relinquishes in bass in his music. Hip hop and bass just go together. And with headphones that encompass this type of music is great. However, when it comes to music with less bass, the original structure of the Beats don’t help much. Many claim because of this, this particular feature drowns out nearly everything in the music.

  1. Flimsy design

This particular product has a history of being considered flimsy. This is because the design is based on a plastic headband attached to two heavy metal parts that can make it more vulnerable and fragile.

All in all, these are not good, but like all products, they have their pros too. Let’s dwell on them right now.

  1. Celebrity endorsement

When it comes to artists, they don’t shy away from endorsing the Beats. Artists like Selena Gomez, Serena Williams, Ed Sheeran, and to use them. Think about every photo you have seen of your favorite artist recording in their studios, chilling their house, or simply exercising. Beats is always there.

But they’re not only for the artist that signs. These headphones are everywhere. They became the number one used headphones with athletes after a stunt Beats pulled by sending them headphones during the Olympics. It elevated them to another level among all other athletes and suddenly everyone was rushing to buy them to share something with their favorite artist. One particular athlete, Sun Yang, claimed his victories during The Olympic Games came a lot from the ability to concentrate before every swim thanks to the noise-canceling factors.

So when you purchase that headphone, you’ll be purchasing your one-way ticket to the higher status celebrities share.

  1. Status symbol

Owning good quality and high priced products in the market sends a signal to every person that knows you that you’re on an entirely different status. Being able to afford beats means you’re in the same wealth range as, let’s say, Kim K for example.

And something that puts these headphones over any other brand is their ability to be customizable. You get to choose how they look, the higher and pricer you go on the ladder. Imagine owning a design that is only you. Talk about that!

  1. Individuality

As I mentioned before, the higher and pricier you go, the more features you get like customization. But even if you choose to spend less money, and buy one of the simple designs, no design from Bass is ever the same. This means, that even the cheapest model gives you the individuality you deserve. Everyone around you will know who you are just because the beats showcase your personality and self alone.

  1. Good quality above all

Even if we mentioned delicate designs and a lot of bass, Beats still has a lot of good reviews to overcome the bad ones. It’s one of the top-rated in noise-canceling capabilities, some of the newest designs have worked on reducing the bass to accommodate all tastes and it had a great battery life that goes up to 22 hours, almost a day! Beats are also well known to work excellent paired with apple products, so that’s a bonus for any apple techy out there.


You can look at the design, the price, and the bass problem and pat yourself in the back saying you made the right choice when you chose to ignore the Beats at that one store. You gotta admit though, that saying you own one or simply taking it out in public elevates you to another level. Not only will you be in your world with your music, but you will also be the envy of them all. So we hope this helps you make your next purchasing decision.


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