Ford will share data on potentially dangerous traffic situations with connected car models from various car brands. This is part of a historic agreement on data sharing to improve traffic safety.

The hazard warning system has already been put into use on the new Ford Puma compact SUV. Now it's time for newer Ford models, such as the new Ford Kuga. It can already warn other drivers of possible dangers that they do not see around the next turn. With the new agreement, vehicles from different car manufacturers will also be able to identify and share information about local hazards to improve traffic safety for all.

The new technology is based on communication between cars and is a huge step in making you and others safer when travelling in traffic. Ecosystems, where this type of information is shared, become more efficient. It is therefore a clear advantage that the data-sharing technology can now also be used by those who do not drive Ford.

Under the supervision of the "Data for Road Safety" partnership, which is backed by the European Commission, messages were shared between different vehicles. These were about everything from cars that had stopped along the road to slippery roads and reduced visibility. In addition to Ford, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo, the data-sharing ecosystem is now also open to others who want to participate.

Anonymous data from the vehicle, such as the use of fog lights, emergency braking or activation of the airbags are sent using the FordPass Connect modem to a secure Ford server. The data is then distributed to the SRTI (Safety-Related Traffic Information) partners, who collect information from various sources and then share it.

All relevant information is sent to vehicles in the vicinity of the potential danger and appears as a warning in the car's dashboard. The data can also be used to alert emergency services.


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