Volkswagen has released sketches showing how the new ID.3 will look on the outside and inside. Even though the Volkswagen ID.3 has only been around for a short time, it is already getting ready for a mid-life facelift. Those who need to track time should know that the ID.3 came out in September 2019. The German company has already said that the update for the small electric model will happen at the start of 2023.

Volkswagen talked to several customers before making the changes to find out what needed fixing. The front of a new Volkswagen ID.3 became slightly more aggressive, and the spoiler was clearly changed. On the inside, Volkswagen's first sketches show a redesigned dashboard with new air vents and a simple look like the Tesla Model 3. The central 12-inch screen will be standard, and Head-Up will make the screen bigger.

Volkswagen says that the materials used inside will be higher quality and that leather will be replaced with more eco-friendly materials. Volkswagen says the new car will have a 2% lower average fuel consumption and a longer range. The car will also have the Plug&Charge system, which lets it be charged at many European outlets without a card or an app. The machine talks to the outlet, and after that, the bill comes.

Deliveries will start around the end of 2023. Because of delays with the current cars, everyone who ordered a Volkswagen ID.3 Pro or ID.3 Pro S will get the updated version. The Volkswagen ID.3 is made in Dresden and Zwickau right now, but due to high demand, the ID.3 will also be made at the Wolfsburg plant starting in 2023.


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