The new Citroen e-Jumper electric van is now available for purchase. The electric van has a starting price of 57,990 euros.

"The new Citroen e-Jumper has a high payload, a big load volume, and low running expenses." Customers, on the other hand, do not have to worry about potential city-center driving interdictions. "The e-Jumper is an electric van, with a range of up to 247 kilometers, that is perfectly appropriate for everyday usage in cities and surrounding areas," explains Citroen Germany head Wolfram Knobling.

The new Citroen e-Jumper inherits all of the advantages of any Jumper powered by a combustion engine, such as the large loading volume of up to 17 m 3, which is identical. In addition, the maximum capacity of up to 1,890 kg provides enough flexibility for big freight hauling. The sole difference between the e-Jumper and the combustion engine version is the e-Jumper emblem on the back door and the loading flap next to the driver's door. The driver picks the appropriate gear using electric gear selection controls, and the new inside mirror displays all critical battery information, including the status of the charge and remaining range, at all times.

Customers can select between two lithium-ion battery sizes when purchasing the Citroen e-Jumper. Depending on requirements, a 37 kWh battery for a range of up to 116 kilometers (WLTP) or a 70 kWh battery for a range of up to 247 kilometers (WLTP) is available. In addition, the technique for collecting braking and deceleration energy enhances driving range, particularly in city traffic.

There are several ways to charge the battery: At a public quick-charging station, the Citroen e-Jumper can be recharged with up to 100 kW; both battery sizes can be recharged by up to 80 percent in just one hour. In addition, the electric van comes standard with an onboard charger that can charge the vehicle with up to 22 kW of AC power. The electric drive unit and the battery are guaranteed for eight years or 160,000 kilometers.

The Citroen e-Jumper has a one-way automatic transmission, which makes driving even more pleasant. The new e-van is the ideal partner for commerce and work, with an output of 96 kW (122 hp) and a maximum torque of 260 Nm. The e-Jumper with a gross vehicle weight of 3.5 tons has a top speed of 100 km/h.

There are four lengths available: L1 (4.963 meters) and L2 (5.413 meters), both as a panel van and with the 37 kWh battery. The L3 chassis with a single or double cabin has a length of 5.998 meters, while the L4 panel van and chassis with a single cabin has a length of 6.363 meters. Only the 70 kWh battery is offered in the L3 and L4 models.

Customer deliveries of the Citroen e-Jumper electric van, available with 37 kWh and 70 kWh batteries, will begin in the first quarter of 2022. @via Citroen.


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