Thousands of orders for the new Alfa Romeo Tonale have been placed in just three months, complementing the success of the Alfa Romeo Tonale in a hybrid configuration, and sales are just getting started.

The excellent reception of the brand was verified by sales data in June of this year, showing additional increases in market share and monthly sales volume. The link between Alfa Romeo and its followers is unparalleled in the worldwide automobile business. Sales are up over 25% from May and the same period in 2021, while the first indicator climbed by 1.1%, exceeding 1% for the third consecutive month. This data takes on much greater significance in light of the current market downturn.

Alfa Romeo has opted to release the Alfa Romeo Tonale with a diesel engine, which can be preordered from Alfa Romeo dealerships and will be physically accessible in September. This decision was made in response to the commercial success of the 130-hp and 160-hp hybrids. As a result, a 1.6-liter diesel engine with 130 horsepower and 320 Nm of maximum torque has been added to the lineup, along with a dual-clutch gearbox (TCT) for improved dynamics and driving pleasure (traditional Alfa Romeo traits) while lowering fuel consumption.

As the most agile and dynamic vehicle in its class, the Alfa Romeo Tonale SUV features the segment's most direct steering (13.6:1), making for a pleasurable and relaxing road experience. The Brembo Integrated Braking System (IBS) and Brembo fixed calipers, with 4-piston self-ventilated front and complete rear discs, make this the only vehicle in its class with such high-quality stopping power. The Alfa Romeo "Dynamic Torque Vectoring" self-locking differential and the FSD "Frequency Selective Damping" suspension are both standards on the new diesel-powered Tonale. MacPherson geometry and angles are used for the axle suspensions on both ends.

Diesel engines continue to be widely favored, especially among commercial clients in Italy. Its most essential added value is the allure of the historic brand, which has stood for chivalrous Italian athleticism since 1910. This helps position the Alfa Romeo Tonale as an innovative model supporting the Stellantis offer in the strategic area of premium C-SUVs in the B2B world. A business car is a rare perk in today's workplaces, and the Tonale's endearing Alfa Romeo flair further adds to its value. Because of the diesel model's addition, the range of engines can now meet the needs of workers in their off-road mobile work, especially those traveling long distances. The modern and economical diesel engine satisfies the requirements of fleet managers and long-distance drivers thanks to the ideal harmony between exhaust emissions, fuel consumption, and the unique pleasure of driving an Alfa Romeo.
The Alfa Romeo Tonale SUV project was designed with a high resale value in mind; it is the first Alfa Romeo C-SUV, and its purpose was to provide the company with the best possible footing in the compact sport utility vehicle market. But that's not all; the Tonale is the first model to launch with Non-Removable Token (NFT) technology, which keeps a secure and unalterable record of a vehicle's most crucial data, such as service records, mileage, and accident records. A technological breakthrough that exemplifies Alfa Romeo's avant-garde spirit and puts Tonale at the head of its field, the Alfa Romeo 124 Spider, offers significant savings on rental fees and a significant increase in the car's resale value.

All customer needs have been accounted for in the development of the Alfa Romeo Tonale range's strategy, and the configuration of the chosen model is made more accessible as a result. The Super, the Sprint, and the Ti all have their own unique set of features. The Alfa Romeo Tonale Super model is the entry point to the extraordinary world of Alfa Romeo. The newest iteration, called Sprint, is loaded with a slew of sporty extras. Finally, a Ti version has been produced that accentuates the attributes of Tonale: elegance and expressive character, catering to consumers who are looking for the finest quality, complete solutions, and specifications as standard.

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