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Veative Learn Virtual Reality is an innovative and immersive educational platform that allows students and educators to explore and engage with complex concepts in a fun and interactive way. Our VR platform is designed to provide a fully immersive and engaging learning experience that goes beyond traditional classroom learning. Our VR platform includes a vast library of 540+ STEM modules and virtual tours covering subjects such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Math, and more.

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The new 2022 Ford E-Transit electric van

By spare wheel

Ford is introducing the new E-Transit, a fully electric van of the world's best-selling van that allows a new level of connectivity, as well as business-critical characteristics, efficient model versions...

Fuel voucher worth 1,200 euros from Peugeot

By nodeid

Until the end of August, car buyers can take advantage of the Peugeot fuel discount campaign, which includes a fuel voucher worth 1,200 euros. The promotion applies to the purchase of new combustion...

Slim and practical: Lenovo Tab M10 FHD

By panorica

The 10.1-inch Lenovo Tab M10 FHD's image catches all, from the energy of an action scene to the details in people photos. Slim and practical, Lenovo Tab M10 is suitable for wear in your bag or...